In construction

How to became member

First we need to get know each other, so at start you can go to Takt whenever is somebody there, you can consult what you want to make, or evan better what to do you want to break! So if you want something to print, or engrave, we can do it evan before you will became member :) You have some board, that you want to run on linux and you don't know where to start? Let's get to it! You have some idea of device, that will be in part your automated home? Not shure if is worth to do it? Let's talk about it!

After few visit we can go board meeting and welcome you as a member!

You can register here, let us know that you do so, so we know that it is you! As a member you will have some resposibilities - firstly, there is membership, which we use to run a place (you know somebody must pay for place, toilet paper and internet! :D ) Fullmembership right now is 1000 CZK.